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Carpet Cleaning in London

Fantastic Carpet Cleaners Van in LondonOur carpet cleaning in London service is the ultimate solution for stained, dirty carpets. With the use of most innovative and very powerful detergents we remove stubborn stains, ingrained blemishes and clean high traffic areas to perfection. "Fantastic Carpet Cleaners Ltd." deep steam carpet cleaning offers amazing results each and every time.

Over the years we have developed and improved our skills. Below you can see some of the advantages that make us one of the top carpet cleaning companies in London.

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Why to Choose "Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Ltd." in London

Our professional cleaners are well trained and certified true tests and many practical training. That is why we are so sure that our cleaners are prepare to clean your home and office more then perfect and to return the freshness and coziness of your carpets and rugs. Our cleaners are working with the most sophisticated machines and detergent (only eco-friendly, and kids and pets save shampoos) in order to clean and protect your carpet. If you need any advise how to clean an maintenance your carpet our professional cleaners will be happy to answer every single questions and give you personalized tips and advises for your carpet.

How We'll Clean Your Carpets?

First of all, after our professional cleaners arrive in your home or office will make inspection in order to determine from what fabric is your carpet made and that is how they will decide which method of cleaning to use over it. Most common methods which we are using are Steam and Dry Cleaning methods.

Steam Carpet Cleaning in Action

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is method in which our professional cleaners inject hot water and shampoo deep in you carpet with special machine and after that they vacuum it along with the all of the dirt in your carpet. This is very effective method of cleaning, all of the dirt is going out from your carpet along with the hot water and with this method all of the bacterias and microbes removed from your home and office.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning in ActionThis method is second most popular cleaning method which our cleaners at "Fantastic Carpet Cleaners Ltd" are using. When they determine that this method is most appropriate for you carpet and rugs, our cleaners will rinse your carpet with special detergent ponder and will let it like that for couple of minutes. This special detergent will decompose the dirt in your rug and will it turn to dust. After that they will vacuum this dust with special machine and your carpet will be soft as new once again.


Stain Removal

Carpet Cleaning in LondonThe rug stain removal is included in the prices of our services. This is something we are going to do every time you book one of our rug cleaning services. No matter if we clean your carpet or upholstery, we will remove the stains from there, that we can guarantee. For the different fabrics we use different methods and detergents, to make sure your rugs and furniture will be in great shape after we are done. You can be absolutely sure that our detergents are eco-friendly.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • All taxes are included in the price
  • Lounge (12x12 feet) £50 £25 you save £25

  • Dining room (12x12 feet) £40 £20 you save £20

  • Through Lounge (28x12 feet) £90 £45 you save £45

  • Hall, Stairs, Landing(Up to 14 steps) £58 £29 you save £29

  • Bedrooms (12x12 feet) £36 £18 you save £18


  • Professional equipment - our team members use most effective detergents and cleaning tools to remove stains from blood, red wine, ink, food and more
  • Carpet protection - you can have your carpets protected against future stains, with our Scotchgard treatment
  • Environmentally friendly - we use eco-friendly cleaning products protecting both your health and the environment
  • Range of services - you can trust us to clean and refresh the rugs, carpets, upholstery, curtains and other soft surfaces in your home
  • Availability - our services can be booked every day of the week, with no extra charges for weekend and evenings bookings

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