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With Fantastic Carpet Cleaners you have access to a more streamlined way to get professional carpet cleaning in London. Be it for your home or business, we've got the means and know-how to refresh your carpeting. Stains, grime, and accumulated dust are powerless against our advanced methods for carpet and rug cleaning. Also, our services come with some extra perks such as:

  • Same-day and emergency services available
  • Professional equipment and detergents
  • Reliable customer support

Call us now on 020 3746 8166 and Get Your Free Quote! Our carpet cleaning service in London is the best solution for stained, dirty carpets. The experienced carpet cleaning specialists can cope with the stubborn strains in your home or office.

Moreover, they can help you protect your carpets and rugs by applying Scotchgard Carpet Protector. Just ask our representatives for more details! 

How We Do Carpet Cleaning?

The professional carpet cleaning technicians are well trained and certified. They will return the freshness and coziness of your carpets and rugs in no time thanks to the high-end machines and eco-friendly detergents.

Hot Water Extraction

This carpet cleaning method widely popular for carpets made of more durable materials. It's also dubbed the most effective. So, after the technician examines your floor covering carefully, he will begin to work on it using a machine that directly injects hot water mixed with solvent between the fibres of the piece. This effectively dislodges any accumulated grime. At the same time, a suction tool is removing most of the moisture. This way your carpet is left perfectly clean and almost dry.

Dry Cleaning

After the carpet is vacuumed, and any existing stains are pre-treated, the technician will spread a specialised absorbing powder all over the piece. Then he will use a machine with rotating brushes to rub the powder carefully into the piece. This will effectively remove accumulated dust and unpleasant odours from the treated item. And of course, since no water is used, there is absolutely no possibility of shrinkage.

Dry Foam Cleaning

The carpet is brushed and vacuumed before the procedure begins. After this, a special pre-conditioning spray is used on the item to loosen the existing dirt. Finally, the entire item is coated with cleaning foam. In about ten minutes, the foam will harden and form a thin layer of film which will be removed with a machine. Just like the dry powder cleaning method, this one is suitable for floor coverings made of delicate materials.

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